Epoxy Flooring


Have you been searching for a way to upgrade the flooring in your home or commercial space? Are you sick of looking at the same old dingy, stained, and even slippery concrete day after day?

Whether your garage or basement needs a more polished look or your commercial space needs slip-resistant flooring, epoxy is your answer.

Epoxy flooring provides your home or business with a high quality, durable system that provides safety while looking immaculate. Epoxy can also have a unique and customized finish with texture, acrylic flakes, or even a glitter or metallic finish.


Epoxy flooring has a practical ability to reinforce the underlying material — either cement or wood — and offer a durable layer that is resistant to stains and can last upwards of 20-30 years. In fact, epoxy flooring can last indefinitely, as long as you are committed to having a professional contractor install another layer of epoxy material once you start to see signs of wear. 

Safety is another important consideration for epoxy floors, as a non-slip coating will help keep you safe at home or employees and customers safe in your business.

What’s more: epoxy floor solutions give a finished look to spaces that tend to look unfinished. From garages and basements to commercial and even industrial spaces, epoxy is the perfect touch you’re looking for.

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At New England Epoxy & Concrete Polishing, we offer the following epoxy coating options:

  • Acrylic flakes
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Solid color
  • Metallics
  • TC-92 grip coating
  • Vapor remediation system

Find out what an epoxy floor would look like in your space with our simulator.

Epoxy Flooring Process

Epoxy is best installed by seasoned flooring professionals who have the experience necessary to give you an exceptional product. Here’s how we’ve perfected the epoxy installation process at New England Epoxy & Concrete Polishing.

Preparing floor for Epoxy

Steps 1


Thorough preparation ensures a beautiful end result, which is why we spend the time to perfect your wood or concrete floor. Epoxy needs an abrasive surface to attach securely to, so diamond blades are used to create purposeful scratch patterns on the floor.

Cleaning the garage for epoxy flooring

Steps 2


Industrial vacuums are used to meticulously clean the floor. This ensures no dirt or dust particles are trapped within the epoxy coating, which would weaken the adhesion. Additionally, floors with oil contamination are chemically cleaned.

Repairing Floor for Epoxy

Steps 3


Since our #1 goal is to create an exceptional product, a vital part of our process is to repair any cracks or divots in concrete or any seams and screw holes in wood flooring. These areas are either fixed with our concrete repair process or filled with epoxy grout.

Apply primer to floor for epoxy

Steps 4


Just like any paint, a primer’s job is to prepare the surface for the best finish. An epoxy primer allows the flooring surface to have a longer lifespan with better adhesion. Plus, epoxy primer will help eliminate any occurrence of bubbles in the epoxy coating.

Spread the floor coating for epoxy floor

Steps 5


The epoxy coating is mixed with an electric mixer until completely smooth, then applied to the floor with high-grade rollers. Another coat is added 24 hours later, along with any additional finishes.

Finished Epoxy Floor

Steps 6


Time to enjoy your finished epoxy floor!


With over 10 years of experience installing professional epoxy flooring in Maine, our attention to detail and quality is unmatched. You can count on thorough prep work, a job done right the first time, and a long lasting epoxy floor when you work with New England Epoxy & Concrete Polishing.

As a Certified Master Installer of Spartan Epoxies, we’re proud to use Spartan Epoxies’ premium quality products for all of our epoxy floor installations. These systems are non-skid, hold up in excessive sunlight, resist harsh chemicals and stains from vehicles, and remain durable after heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

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Looking for a functional and versatile flooring solution? The experts at New England Epoxy & Concrete Polishing can help by installing an epoxy flooring at your Maine home or business.

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